Monday, January 25, 2010

Be Still My Trop Heart

Along with the Mini Sac...along with the Daily Candy Tuesday Deal (goes live in a.m., I'll link to it for code info)...LA TROP NOIRE. Because sometimes, you're just in the mood for black, we all know that. This is the same leather as the original Trop - veggie tanned from Italy. Yay! Only negro, nero, noir. And just as the brown I've seen people carrying around for the last couple of months, man, this black is going to get better and better with time.

It'll be on site in a.m. If you want it before it's up, just order the Trop and write a note in Merchant Instructions that you'll take LA NOIRE, thankyouverymuch.


Jennifer said...

Oh lordy,too many fine choices.
I thought I was going to get the mini bag in red, but for some reason I'm attracted to the black...and I really love the new Trop Noir!!!

emily said...

Oh my, oh my. Another bag to put on my wish list!

Sarah Bradley said...

Love, love! Must add to my wish list!

P.S. I inquired a bit ago about a wallet and have decided I'm holding off until you have one! I absolutely love your work!

Prosecco said...

omg, this bag is HOT!