Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Object: Chloé Sunnies

I've had two whirlwind trips to New York recently, as I've been talking about...and I've barely had a chance to SHOP while there! Not even while I was at the trunk show at Steven Alan. I was surrounded by beautiful clothes and shoes and hats and I didn't even have a minute to try anything on! But I did make one purchase while walking back from a meeting in Soho. I popped into one of the numerous high-end sunglasses stores looking for a new pair inspired by Heather's recent purchase of vintage Persol driving shades kinda like these.
No vintage Persols but I fell in LOVE with these Chloés. OF COURSE they were not the least expensive of the store and I kept putting them down then picking them up again. Then eventually, sighed, handed over the credit card and left with them shading my eyes from NY's bright cloudy day.
They FOLD for heaven's sake! How can you say no to that?
AND they travel in an egg, for crying out loud! Which conveniently fits in CLUTCHES of which I have many.
I'm very happy with my ONE New York purchase.
(p.s. Matilde, my genius Belgian intern, figured out how to make these images bigger!! Merci Mat!)


elauinc said...

they fold!! how awesome. and those egg like cases are so cute!

Alex said...

Can we do a photoshoot with your folding glasses and my folding bike?


Heather Taylor said...

beyond cute.

Jennifer said...

Great purchase. They fold...into a little egg for crying out loud!

Hotel De Ville may have some nice vintage Persols. T. Purchases almost all of his glasses there- they have amazing dead stock!

Oh and Hello Larger photos- looks great!

jeana sohn said...

LOVE. just like alex's folding bike. :D

debkap said...

Sunglass envy!

debkap said...

Sunglass envy!

debkap said...

Sunglass envy!

The Shoptometrist said...

They're so gorgeous I just had to share them! I love your blog and beautiful bags so much i somehow managed to write about them 3x in one week. Please keep it coming!

Megan Taylor said...

yes, Those are amazing little things