Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Brilliant Theory

Holiday orders are piling up! We've been busy. I haven't been blogging. The only thing I have been capable of doing lately besides this day-to-day running my just-beyond-fledgling business, and being a mediocre wife and mama, was first to lose myself in Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Then, when I plowed through the 600 pages like it was a chapter book, le mari and I launched into a k-hole-like obsession with season 1 of the tv show Friday Night Lights (weird, I know, but it was highly recommended from people I respect and I'm not ashamed to admit to a school-girl-like crush on Matt Seracen.) It's been an odd coupla weeks. But back to the orders at hand: THEORY.
Mr. Olivier Theyskens' Theory. That one. While in France this summer, I received an email from them. Email said they were interested in talking to me about carrying my bags. With stunned disbelief, I set up a call with them a week later to discuss further...So in three timezones - at 10 a.m. Jocelyn in Los Angeles (après breakfast), at 1 p.m. in NYC (at lunchtime) a couple of Theory merch people and buyers and me at 7 p.m. (pre-aperitif, pre-dinner) had a conference call. And I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda cool to say I'm calling in from Paris. (Sometimes it's in the details.)
Two months, and one in-person meeting later, and we're shipping a holiday order to stellar-reputation-holding-prime-real-estate-occupying-Theyskens-designing-THEORY. Here're Joce and Mat mega stamping and packing.
We've shipped the first portion, second portion goes out next week.
So, hey, especially with Theyskens over there, maybe we'll consider Theory this holiday season for gift giving and holiday outfits, just an idea. ;) xoxo


Fashion Intel said...

Amazing! Look forward to seeing them in the store.

D. Bryant Archie said...

So happy for you! I'll be looking out for them at the store.

Megan Taylor said...

Woa, this is amazing! congrats :) xoxo

debkap said...

Amazing! Viv, I had no idea -- congrats to you, that's a big one!!
PS, OBSESSED with "FNL", am currently finishing up Season 3 and so sad that I'm nearly finished!