Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend in Reverse

The weekend - or long weekend rather, including Thursday and Friday in New York City, was a blur with business, here it is in pictures in reverse - starting on Sunday and working back.
We were invited to participate in Heath-LA's first annual Bazaar along with several other very talented LA artisans. Even on the tail end of two and a half crazy days in NYC, it was a blast of a day and it was such an honor to have been invited.
I love the entire decor of Heath's interior, but those Mexican wedding streamers add a bright, happy element.
The lovely girls from Treat Street showed up with an amazing set of baked goods in keeping with Heath's aesthetic sensibilities:
Post n Beam cookies, Meier lemon Rectilinears, Nelson Lamps globe cookies, you get the picture. Treat Street girls are majorly cheeky...
Saturday, I flew home from NYC but I had a few hours in the a.m. to hang with my girl Simone. She had a flower arrangement to do so I tagged along with her to the Union Square market and snapped these fruits and veggies. Radishes!! And Concord grapes-New York is the number one grower I overheard at the market.
On to Friday, at Karen's house...These are her shoes! They were amazing and she wore them all day (read: comfortable)...I had to capture them under the table.
We had buyers and press come and meet us at Karen's apartment all day long. Here's a beautiful buyer with a "laptop" clutch - worn as clutch.
La Trop hanging out in the living room looking pretty with a pom pom...
Black nubuck leather "laptop clutch"dressed up with grosgrain ribbon detail.
The same cute buyer trying on the black messenger with a pompom.
A happy buyer leaving Karen's after a personal purchase. La Trop found another happy home, I'm sure.
And Thursday, after arriving in New York at 6 a.m. from a red-eye flight, Karen and I hit the street for appointments at stores - it was the day with torrential downpours and flash floods, and we were dragging a huge suitcase with wheels containing the entire line - but that's how we roll, ha! Here's us, in a momentary dry spell outside of our Theory appointment - with dreamy Pastis in the background.


jeana sohn said...

your buyers are all so stylish! love your friend's shoes.

Megan Taylor said...

Aren't these whirlwinds somewhat invigorating? I LOVE this post...

le loup said...

wait, I missed you in NY? boo!
hope it was a very successful trip, tho! xo

Michelle said...

Dude, I wish I could have gone! Looks so fun, and your bags, I am sure you hear this every day, are amazing! Like you reached into my brain and made a bag just for me.

Kendyl said...

Who makes the shoes?!

Vivier said...

she said they're Barneys Coop line I think? But from last season.

east side bride said...

when will the laptop clutch be for sale on your site??