Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days Go By

Visiting friends departed, holiday over, weekend passed, I've finally had a chance to catch up on laundry and other household chores. But I had been taking some good pictures last week before we shut down shop to give the proverbial Thanks. Here're a few.
Just about everyday, Matilde rushes into work a bit later than she'd have liked and hurries to give us bisous before starting on her morning task. And just about everyday, J and I will look at her then look at one another in disbelief of the fact that she's pulled another impossibly chic outfit out of that magically unending suitcase of hers. I mean, the number of shoes alone would take up a few Vuitton trunks. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, she pulled this hat out for us to swoon over. Black, wool felt, wide brimmed perfection. She's adorable.
As I mentioned on the tumblr blog, KK and Michael were here with us for a week. When KK came down one morning in one of her own impossibly chic outfits from her NY suitcase, which included in this case a Helmut Lang bolero tux jacket, I politely threw one of my new silver "bando" bags on her shoulder and snapped a few pics. They will be on the site shortly!
It's the simple classic bucket style bag with NO hardware...
The Weekender and the Overnighter bags are finally on the site! Go see them and think about your upcoming winter vacays...what are you putting your stuff in?? I snapped these photos on the window ledge outside my office. I like the lights - they feel autumnal and cozy.
And the green overnighter and the new red messenger below are both sharing the stage with pompoms which are also finally on the site.
Step by step in a small company...tomorrow is a new week with more things to accomplish. Good night! xoxo


jeana sohn said...

love Matilde's style.

and the green overnighter is so cute...

Anonymous said...

Want the silver bucket bag. Are you going to make it in any other metallics? Love it, love the no hardware.

Megan Taylor said...

I have nothing to put my overnight things in! This has been a problem for a while :( Looks like I need an OVERNIGHTER...I love it. xoxo Hope you had a wonderful holiday...missed you during my short stay in LA.

Vivier said...

thanks you guys! megs, i was sorry to have missed you. thanksgiving looked extremely warm chez les taylors. Kathy, I could do it in a dark silver or a gold if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

Clare, these are so gorgeous! I very very very much want an Overnighter! And the Bando! Ah!!! I must find a way!

Also, I wanted to let you know, I have a new appreciation for my navy messenger. It was my trusty standby for my weeklong trip to Paris. It fit everything I needed for a day of meandering, including my digital SLR. I almost want another one in another color, just for future travels.

Merci beaucoup!!!

Jennifer said...

Dying over the Bando bag. The new Weekender & Overnighter are pretty easy on the eyes, too!

Heather Taylor said...

love love love it all mama. that red is so pretty

Susie said...

all of these things are so beautiful. still loving my tan messenger. best bag i've ever owned.

Vivier said...

Emily, thanks for the note! I'm so happy your bag travelled with you to Paris! Yay! I hope you had a great time.
Susie, thank you, that's such a sweet thing to say.