Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Craft Trunk Sale Show Bazaar Fair

We've got 4 sales coming up over the next week and a half and I think there's a sale for everyone. Take your pick:
For hip families, there will be nothing cooler than this sale at the chic school, the Oaks. Beatrice Valenzuela, Commune, Yummy Fun Clare, need I say more?
For ladies who like to shop...might I suggest a trip over to Beverly Hills for some fun at Jill Roberts? I recently met Leslie Offer and got a few of her bracelets and I LOVE them. They will be their own post one day soon. But look no further if there's a fille on your giftlist. Plus proceeds to Unicef - shopping with good conscience, we all need that.

For the artsy crafty, you're gonna die over the talented craftspeople at the Echo Park fair. This is where we live - east side - get it at it's source. Here, craft turns the corner and becomes that-thing-you-must-have-now-to-complete-you. I mean, get out! Annie Costello Brown! Granola Project! (Granola you may not have heard of yet, but soon will be calling crack) Kathryn Bentley! These are three of the many reasons to interrupt your Saturday and make a trip to el parque.

I have yet to meet Heather Levine, the generous host of this last sale, but I took a look at her website and now I now where any proceeds I make from sales that day are going!

Come out and see us! You've got 4 chances...xoxo


Heather Taylor said...

can't wait for the craft fair! all have such pretty invites too. xo

amelia said...

super bummed I can't make craft fair, but maybe can make the one on Friday! what a great group of people/products!!

Megan Taylor said...

Wish I could come to all!

Cupcakewalker said...

Any places in NYC that are having trunk sales with Clare Vivier? It kills me that I was out of town when the Steven Alan trunk sale happened!