Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tying Knots

We had our annual PS ARTS Express Yourself event today. At our booth, DKap (above), Heather and I instructed people how to make fabric-knotted necklaces with big wooden beads.
Truth be told, we were very popular with the moms (maybe more so than the kids. Ha.) I LOve the big red bow. Lanvin? Nah.
HBT chics-out with blue tie-dye fabric.
Carrie was our stellar volunteer and beautiful with her pink-on-mariner-T.
This woman was lovely with her all-cream silk version.
This beauty stayed at the booth for about an hour making her creation. I think it is as happy as her smile.
I loved how this woman was wearing her gorgeous diamond pendant with her knotted-camo work.

By the way, there was a real nice piece on Closet Visit in LA Times Image section today. It mentions moi, Kathryn Bentley, DKap and HBT, too. Exciting. Incredible company to keep. Jeana just keeps on shining.


BODIE and FOU said...

Gorgeous and MERCI MERCI pour la petite pochette, je l'adore!! And it will be perfect to protect the remaining of my iphone that I dropped and broke...
I like your new Clare Vivier cards too!
Grosses bises

jeana sohn said...

those necklaces are beautiful!
thanks for mentioning about closet visit. xo

Megan Taylor said...

These are COOOL!

D. Bryant Archie said...

I'm loving the necklaces...unexpected casual chic..