Sunday, January 23, 2011

14k Niceness

While touring Vuitton a while back, I learned that they coat all their hardware with 14k. So I thought: I want to do that. I can dream, right? Well, I may not be able to coat all our hardware yet, but I was able to swath our name tags in the lovely metal. Our first shipment arrived on Friday and they will start gracing our bags starting Monday.
Heather took this pic the other day of the orchid on my mantle in the red Heath vase she'd given me for Christmas. I love the fuchsia and red together.
Then I realized it fits right in with the pics from Jil Sander I was just pouring over on for Springtime color fix.
Coral anyone? We made wonderful Spring/Summer sample clutches for stores with brights - including a few beautiful reddy-orangey-pinky. Like this one:
And this pompom:
ALL the Jil Sander brights make me happy and excited for the coming months.
We are very excited to announce Clare Vivier at Jenni Kayne boutique in West Hollywood. What a lovely store! I'm very honored to be in it.

(Jil Sander pics from


Cheryl said...

I love the combo of the red heath vase and fuchsia orchid. Makes me want to wear my red Mini Sac with a fuchsia blouse tomorrow!

Heather Taylor said...

gorgeous bright springy love. last night truly felt like a summer night so this post feels perfectly appropriate. xo

amelia said...

the name tags, in a word: cuuuuuuute. (but really so much more.)

Anonymous said...

Great colors and love the unexpected combinations.
Was just thinking about writing you about a bright clutch, when I saw this post. Anything bright green?
The Heath red vase with the orchid is gorgeous. Great present too.

Sarah said...

Moi aussi, la collection Jil sander était l'une des plus fantastique...

p.s. Urgent ! Pourriez-vous me donner votre adresse maisl à

christina said...

Would you mind sharing what camera/lens you are using when you take photos yourself? It would be great to know :) Thanks!

Vivier said...

Thank you you guys!
Christina, Nikon D700.
24-70m f2.8
I have no idea what all that means, but my lovely husband told me so...:) Why does your link take us to RF29? Do you work there? Love that site.

Anonymous said...

Keep coming back to this post - it inspired me to leave my studio yesterday and rush to a yarn store and got the most yummy Spring colors (inspired by this post) to make into a summer scarf!!!

kyra kendall said...

I just found your blog and I really like it - the tone of voice you use to write with is soothing somehow. you are now in my bookmarks tab, yay!

Isobella B. said...

Now I will have to buy another CV bag just to get a tag...btw,
spotted La Trop being used as la prop for a vintage Ercol piece on sale on a UK website -
Some beautiful pieces, the shop owner obviously thought the bag would complement the loveseat!

Vivier said...

thanks isobella! i cannot find it with that link. can you send the direct link? best, Clare

Jean Therapy said...

For those of us who already bought and have two bags, if we sent a self addressed stamped envelope can we get tags sent to us? I'd love for everyone to know exactly who made my two lovely bags!

Vivier said...

Hi Jean, Yes, of course we'd send you a new logo tag if you send us a note or and email with your address.
You'd have to use pliars to put it on your bag though, okay? If you'd like we could do it for you, but that would involve sending your bag back. Maybe easier for you to do it your self.

Jean Therapy said...


I'll be sure to send a note and a self addressed envelope too. I have no problem putting the tags on myself.

PS...One of the bags was a Christmas gift from my parents that I asked for. My Dad was very very pleased with the customer service he received. Thank you so much! You have a loyal customer/follower for life :)

Isobella said...

Hi Clare, as requested link to the Ercol love seat with La Trop.
Love your blog, been following it for a while. I also love your understated bags - the antithesis of all those so called 'it' bags that are no longer made in their country of origin - keep up the fab work in LA!

Vivier said...

thank you isobella!

Christina said...

Clare -- great, thanks! Yes, I write for R29. Actually found you through our site! :)