Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Lipstick Break

It is Sunday, Jan 30, 2011. Which means that tomorrow is Jan 31, 2011 and tax day for me. It was a rainy day, so I at least didn't feel sad about not being outside if I was to be at my computer all day crunching numbers to get to one big, fat, dollar-amount-owed at the end. But when ennui and dread were felt down to my bones I decided: I needed lipstick.
Last night, I went to the pre-opening reception of All Of This And Nothing at the Hammer Museum, and being that I had approximately 10 min to get ready in order to be there on time, I managed a pretty fierce outfit which involved black VEDA leggings with leather panels, a black leather quilted jacket, and towering black sandals (with socks.) But when I got to my friend's house to pick her up, I realized to my horror that I'd left the house without a stitch of make-up. I don't wear a lot of make up, but a lil mascara, a lil eyeliner, a lil blush, a lil SOMETHING at least. Luckily my friend came through with the full-proof savior in this situation, RED LIPSTICK. No make-up? Red Lipstick will make it look intentional. So today, in my tax purgatory, I figured a good break would be to buy some new red lipstick.
This is not to say that I don't own oh, I don't know, 5 or 6 red lipsticks already, which run the gamut from Revlon to Nars, but still I'm searching for the perfect red. Why is it sooo illusive? My dream is to have a magic make-up artist say, "THIS is your perfect color for you wear it and don't ever change." I'm not sure it's right, but I love orangey reds on me, so today I got Julie Hewitt's Belle Noir. Can't say if it'll be the perfect one yet, but it certainly brought me out of my tax-depression for a while.


Ammu said...

Love red lipstick!
The best red I have ever used is Bobbi Brown 10 - creamy, matte, and a perfect red.
Nars Red Square is great too - for a more orangey red.

Anonymous said...

your blog is my red lipstick break - glamourous and soul reviving! x

Anonymous said...

always usefull !!

Megan Taylor said...

I went to Sephora this weekend and picked up Nars' "gipsy" - it's so rouge. XOXO

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Cara-Mia said...

Love red lipstick! :)