Saturday, December 31, 2011

ABC - Amour Bonheur Chance

After a few days in the French countryside with family, we spent one day in Paris. Of course I had to hit some of my favorite shops. 
This is the big wall along the staircase at Merci. I thought is was perfect as a New Year's wish.
Amour, Bonheur, Chance. 
Love, Happiness, Luck.
What more do we all need?
 It was fun to see Merci in a winter setting.
 I think they were selling these bands which hold the magazine together. I just liked this picture for the Numéro cover.
Here's me shopping in my new Capeline hat from Comptoir.  
 Isabel's storefront on rue Saintonge is so beautiful. I walked around Paris looking for inspiration for our new storefront. We're moving 2 doors down from our current studio. But more on that later...
The letters were spinning around saying Happy/Merry Annee/noel.
We went to Marant because I became obsessed with finding a pair of sneakers to wear in Venice after I saw these by Gerard Darel. After a wild goose chase, I found out they are sold out everywhere. And so to satisfy this sneaker urge, I had to buy these Isabel ones. Only I got them in black, and a hour after leaving the store I was kicking myself for having not gotten the whites. :( 
p.s. these are NOT walking shoes for Venice. 
 This was the view from our hotel room. The fog was majestic and relentless. We never saw the entire tower during the time we spent in our room-with-view. This was taken just as we were checking out, 24 hours earlier we could see only the bottom slice of what you see in this picture. It was comical.
 Speaking of majestic, this is my sister-in-law's apt in Paris. I mean, come on! 
 Because we stay in my sister-in-law's neighborhood, the 7th, it is a nice walk to see the Tour. No matter how tour-isty (ha! get it?) it's still massive and cool and breathtaking every time. Here though, I was probably scowling, because I never like my picture taken, but I do like my black messenger bag. :)
 We all had pastries at the ridiculously cute patisserie on rue St. Dominque.
 And then we were off to Venice. This is the boat taxi from the airport to town. I'm in awe here. More pics of this incredible place to come.
Til then, Amour Bonheur Chance to you all. 
HAPPY 2012!


jessica obrien said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. in early 2012, my husband are off to paris, then italy, for our much-belated honeymoon. your pictures make me even more excited for the trip!

happy 2012!

Elsie Lau said...

how amazing clare. crazy how the beauty of such place continues to be inspiring no matter how many times you visit or witness, right? (sigh, this makes me kick myself for not visiting MY in-laws more often in italy...)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. I always enjoy your posts especially about Europe. I was there in Venice last year, around this time. It's so beautiful even in the dead of winter. Enjoy bella Venezia!

Love and Squalor said...

Any other shops/streets you would suggest one visit while in Paris? Merci!!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

What a beautiful space your sister-in-law has created. Looking forward to reading more about your trip.

Megan Taylor said...

Happy New Year! This is a dream post! xoxo