Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in France

We arrived in France yesterday. Completely jet lagged and "on the moon" as they say over here, meaning completely out of it, we went to midnight mass at the local church to try to get in the Christmas spirit with song. 
After midnight mass, the tradition in the family is to serve hot chocolate with brioche and croissants. 
This was the table when we returned to my sister-in-law, Françoise's house. Her beautiful porcelain cups made by her talented friend Inès de Nicolaÿ and a little gift of chocolate in a wrapped box in front of each cup.
We took this picture to show the beautiful hand-embroidered table cloth. I was nervous to serve hot chocolate on such a pristine white table, but Françoise assured me that tablecloths were meant to be used, not sit in drawers and besides, all stains come out of white when you boil it. (Not for me, but I obviously didn't ace home economics.)  
Joyeux Noel everyone!


marta s said...

Merry Christmas to you in France! The table looks lovely!

sylvie sourit said...

Very beautiful pictures. Bravo !

Megan Taylor said...

Merry Christmas Clare! I love that candlelit dinner table. Can't wait to show you pics of me in my new Vivier bag...xo