Monday, December 5, 2011

Mad Dash to NYC

As of 7 a.m. today, I'm in New York for a little more than 48 hours jam packed with meetings.
Three holiday crafty-shows and one concert in the 3 days leading up to 
Sunday night's red eye and here I am. 
Saturday night we went to see Jane Birkin sing at Cal State LA. 

I had no idea what to expect as, to me, she was always Serge Gainbourg's beautiful, sexy muse who sang slightly off key but it didn't matter because she was, well, impossibly beautiful and sexy. 
But still, I work in a world where the most coveted handbag is named after her. And her daughter is arguably my favorite style icon ever, (and she had some pretty iconic looks herself). So if she comes to town, and le mari asks if I want to go, I don't question it, I don't say I'm tired. I just go. I go and and I expect to bow my head and pay my respects to an icon of style, of music, of an era. 

So I was happily surprised that I actually very much enjoyed it. 
With a tousled bob, she wore a crisply pressed white button down, buttoned down rather far, black tuxedo pants, and black flats with white soles. In other words, for a women of 65, very chic. She sang Gainbourg's songs all in French and spoke English in between. She was great - engaging with the crowd and very humble and charming. And the whole thing felt very authentic. She's. Jane. Birkin. For god's sake.

Now I'm here. My first of a few nights at the Ace in New York. 
Stumptown coffee is in the lobby and as the line out the door at 4 pm attests, this coffee is no joke.
Delish. I almost can't wait for tomorrow am so I can get some more.

The Ace is cute. Here's my room.

The weather is very mild in New York right now, about the same temps as LA at night really. 
But the Chirstmas decs are up all over - this is Macy's: tis the season indeed.


elauinc said...

We are addicted to stumptown. it has unseated illy in this half italian household! ;) luckily our local cafe on york in hland park serves it.

Megan Taylor said...

That pic is hot! And NYC looks fab. Have a great and lovely journey, xo

Michelle said...

How cool! I had no idea JB was singing and still being so fabulous. Looks like a nice time!