Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flora Domenica

It's Sunday, there must be flowers!
Of A Kind launched a little Valentines/Spring pochette today! It is adorable and everyone in our office has been dying over this leather. We've had it for a little while, we just didn't know what form it would take. When Claire and Erica asked me to do another pochette for Spring, we figured it was a perfect fit!
This leather is so gorgeous in real life, it looks hand painted. It's an exquisite pop of happiness to your wardrobe. I think I'll test drive my own in New York this week!
This Sunday, we did not go to the beach, although we could have because it's that beautiful here in LA. Instead we had a photo shoot at the house for Apartment Therapy. It was super fun getting ready for the shoot. Nothing like someone coming to photograph your house to get you to make those changes you've always wanted to make and getting you to toss a whole bunch of worthless stuff that's been piling up. 
For me, it also meant buying some beautiful flowers for the house. I stopped by to see Holly and Becky at Holly Flora yesterday and picked up a few things to brighten up the space.

Here're a few of the stems I chose with girls' help.
 I love these yellow poppies (err, ranunculas, I've been told) in a Victoria Morris vase.
 Here's me and Paco. 
1. How cute is Paco?!
2. How cute are these neon green 7 Jeans I'm wearing?!

p.s. Chez Vivier on Apartment Therapy coming this Wednesday. 


joanna said...

i love paco. i love neon green. i love flowers. xoxo

Ellen said...

I just got a La Trop in the cognac - love it. Today I saw this pochette on Of a Kind and snatched it up. I also have the wallet clutch in patent green - my collection of CV is growing!

Kara Athena said...

I just read the Of a Kind write up, and saw that it said you had lived in Indiana at one point... Can I be nosy and ask where in Indiana? Just curious!

Emily said...

STUNNING. I just grabbed one... against my (husband's) better judgement. So excited!!

Heath said...

Love your loafers! I've been looking for the perfect pair...Who makes yours?

Vivier said...

Heath, they are Repetto, and the perfect color of Oxblood. Kara, I was born in Marion, Indiana - as were both of my parents. We moved to MN when I was 2 but spent many summers there with family. You?

moni said...

Very pretty yellow RANUNCULAS- not poppies are your state flower:)

Megan Taylor said...

Can't wait to see Chez Vivs on Apartment Therapy! xo

Heather Taylor said...


sara.ann said...

those neon jeans are amazing! must get myself into some to welcome the eventual spring!