Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is how it happens

I just returned from a second trip to New York in as many weeks.
Yesterday, Friday evening when all the work was done, a few of us girls decided to unwind with a trip to the Isabel Marant store in Soho. If you didn't read that correctly, it reads: Danger. Friday night. Girls together. Isabel Marant boutique. Or rather, danger for the pocketbook of everyone involved.
It starts like this. Oh, those shoes, I say, I'm just going to try them on! Kee says, well, if you try them on, I'll try them on too. 
Then we get more comfortable in them, walk around the store a bit. 
Take pictures of each other in them.
Then Simone says, I want to try them on too! Then the three of us have them on - because Kee and I have not taken them off, more precisely, have only gotten more comfortable in them.
We sit in our just-trying-them-on shoes in the dressing area, and admire Simone as she gives us a fashion show of different Marant looks. And chat about how we really can't take them off and then we say, 
-Are you going to buy them? 
-I don't know, are you going to buy them? 
-Well, they look so cute on you. 
-Those look so cute on you
-OK. I think I'm going to buy them. 
-Me too. 
That's how it goes. Girls. At Marant. On a Friday night. Trouble.
 The other purchase I bought while in NY this trip is this Steven Alan trench. For the first time ever, I got to see this Williamsburg, Brooklyn I've heard so much about. And, more importantly, I got to go to Jumelle, a store there that has carried my bags for a long time and I've always wanted to visit. It's so cute, it was there that I bought this SA trench because it was perfect for the weather we were having in NY.
 After I bought it, I never took it off. I wore it with this vintage fur collar I'd brought from home. By the way, DIY trick, for these old collars: sew grosgrain ribbon on both ends to keep it on. Functional and so cute!
I'm back in LA, and my two newbies are in love.


Unknown said...

so funny, love your purchases!

Anonymous said...

This made laugh a lot!

Anonymous said...

Courage in numbers ~ one friend and I have been doing it for 30 years!
Love your shoes.

Anna said...

duh - with the ribbon idea. I have a fur collar but, slides off very easily. thanks!

jeana sohn said...

love the ribbon idea too! super cute trench and shoes!

Erin said...

A friend and I had exactly the same shoe experience last week! Of course, we both bought shoes.

UrbanChiqueNess said...

This one's for you!

I have seen your bags everywhere but had no idea they were "yours". Made in the US and reasonably priced and oh so "Chique". May is my bday month and mother's day so now I know what to ask for...thanks for the inspiration.