Friday, August 3, 2012

Fonts of Italy

I found myself enamored of all the different typefaces, logos, hand writing and hand painted signs in Italy.

 (I know, it's French, but it is a hand-painted sign in Mondovi, Italy)
 I love the black and white tobacco sign all over the country.
 I snapped a picture of a mad (crazy) antique dealer's address book in a small town in Piemonte, because I loved the rant-like appearance, and I also just like handwriting from different countries. I have no idea what it says. I hope it's not offensive.
 Cute little meat sign.
Ever notice manhole covers in other countries? They're often beautiful if you like that sort of thing. I do.
 A beautiful Alfa Romeo 1750 with the clouds in the reflection.
Love the hand painted Bagni Valentino in front of the blue Mediterranean.

Our friend Lorenzo who planned our Italian voyage for us asked us on the last night in Italy to rate the trip from 1-10. I'm showing it here because it's a good example of loving hand writing in other countries - he wrote our names and we wrote the score we gave our 5 days in Italy planned by Lorenzo. Clare and Astrid (his wife) gave the trip an 8. Boy did I regret that when I saw the other scores!! And I will never ever live it down.


Anonymous said...

I love manhole covers - David's always worried I'm going to get run over as I keep stopping and looking.
Beautiful photos and fonts.

Sofie said...

The Italian notebook is wonderful: It's a list of his dreams.

Sasha said...

Even though those tobacco signs are all over the country I find them so charming that each time I see one I am tempted to take a picture. Again and again. And again.