Sunday, August 5, 2012

You are my favorite moment

It's my last day in France. I head back to LA tomorrow solo, my French boys will stay for a real European vacation - no less than 4 weeks for them - while I head back to CV hq to look after Spring '13 collection and a million other things. But I wanted to share a few random favorite moments from Paris, Italy, and the French countryside of the Vivier compound.
 Oscar jet lagged with the sun in his eyes, but a walk to the Eiffel Tower never gets old.
 Me, jet lagged and lounging, at the beautiful Parisian apartment of my sister in law.
The blue on these K. Jacques sandals is divine (and matches the sky next to the eiffel tower.)
A cozy spot at Casa Cambi in Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, Italy.

We just had to take a picture of this guy getting a ticket in his red Ferrari in Italy. I love how the polizia man is staring right at me as I take the photo out of our moving car!
This Italian woman at the Milan airport was quite enchanting: Necklace, bag, dress, hair, sandals. Check.
This is how ladies travel.
 My new boots purchased in Italy. I was happy to see this just after I bought them. I know it will be awhile before I wear them in LA, but when autumn finally rolls around, I'll be prepared.

Oscar's cute hands prepping a fishing lure.
 His lips under the stripes of his hood under the rain.
Love the hand painted signs at the local tennis club in town.
 You must pass le filet or drag the net, after each match.
 My favorite hand painted sign we pass going to tennis everyday. 
Love this facade of a building in town with the layers and layers advertising things of times gone by.
Sounds funny, but I love the wrists of my chic Parisian sister-in-law. She always has an assortment of cute baubles and strings that she'll swear are nothing at all, but somehow look so elegant on her. Le petit je ne sais quoi, if you will.
Oscar fishing in the little river next to the house with the very cute Vivier Milk bucket on hand for any live ones. Every year I think about how I could get one of those buckets into my suitcase. It just never seems like the most practical idea. 


agnes said...

looks like those gorgeous boots are by HTC -a local LA brand, made by my friend zip! only en vacance, in italy, would one find such a gem...great score!

amelia said...

This makes me want to jump on a plane!! ALso: Oscar is adorable.

Letisia said...

I love this post. Please where did you get your blue k. Jaques? I can't seem to find the blue color. I have them in black. Thank you.


Letisia said...

I love your blog especially your Europe posts. Please, could you share where you bought the blue K. Jaques
sandals? I have them in black and I can't seem to find them blue. thank you for sharing :)


Kimberly Bockmann said...

thanks for sharing. I loved seeing all the fun things of France. I enjoy reading your blog and love your bags!