Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the Trenches

I've been thinking about doing this blog entry for a while, because my friend Midori gave me this Burberry Trench coat she found at a thrift store last month. (I know! Good friend!) Living in LA, I, of course, haven't had a chance to wear it yet, so it was a complete coincidence when we finally had a little bit of weather, HBT and Jeana and I all had the same thoughts. (And, I just saw Scott Schuman had the same thought, too. You have to scroll down a little, it was yesterday's and sartorial news passes fast.)
My question is: Should I cut it off a bit? Is the length good or dated-in-not-good-way? I promise I won't cut it myself, I'll take it to a proper tailor, if you tell me it should be shorter.

And by the way, once you see Heather's page and see that madame kooky flower pants with the fuzzy coat...well, underneath that-a-lot-going-on outfit, I got a bit obsessed with those shoes. Did my research. Found out they were Marni. Found these Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni) limited editions on eBay. Won my auction! yay. Future blog post.

I know, I know, I just admitted that I had a bit of a problem with black ankle boots in my last entry. Isn't the first step admitting a problem...And these may satisfy my urge for clogs (justifying behavior.) And, I may cut them shorter, too...;)


Simone said...

yo, where's that new baby cam? still working the iphone?!

nativekee said...

marni. boot. en. vy.

Prosecco said...

My vote's for you to cut the trench!

jeana sohn said...

yes! cut the trench! :D
ahhh my burberry fever is hunting me.

Vivier said...

baby cam wasn't with me at them time of the trench photoshoot.
2 votes for cutting!

Jennifer said...

I like the length of the trench!
It looks like it's just about at the knee? If you were to cut it, I'd just cut it to the knee, or slightly above.
Nice boots!Score!

Heather Taylor said...

My vote is DO NOT CUT THE TRENCH. I think the boots could use a little snip snip though. Vivier-style.

erica said...

my burberry is about the same length as yours, and i was contemplating the same thing. i think just above the knee would be perfect, but at the same time, i couldn't really say it's 'dated' as is.