Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Steven Alan and other things

Remember this?
I thought I'd reprint it because I'm trying to pay homage to Steven Alan, as I've just shipped my first order to them in NY. When I went to NY in Sept. I wrote about a meeting I'd had with a store with a two word name that I was hoping very much would result in an order, well, it was...Bergdorf Goodman? No! Steven Alan, of course.

If you've never had the pleasure of meeting the man himself, you should feel good about wearing his ubiquitous shirts all the time, because he's quite lovely. Not at all fakey fashion-y, but a real guy with a really good line and stellar stores. I shouldn't go into it, but somehow in one long meeting with him, he lead me to my most humiliating experience-to-date in this business, and then appropriately talked me off the bridge and assured me that my bags would be great in his store. True to his word, an order followed.
The shirt in first picture is the classic SA reverse seam button down. The second one is a little peasant number which has become my favorite fall shirt.

They ordered messengers, shopping totes, clutches and this black work tote, too. Perfecto for you NY birds who carry your laptop to work everyday...

I photographed it yesterday as it was leaving my house...drama sunset lighting!

This boring boxes pic is to prove to myself that they actually went out. I'm still pinching myself. Yay! Holt Renfrew on Tuesday and Steven Alan on Wednesday!!

In other news, this leather wrist wrap is about to hit the newsstands in Real Simple's holiday gift guide. Oui, I think it'd make a superb cadeau...

And in further other news, how about this version on the Trop bag in another Italian vegetable tanned leather that I got while in NY. I made this one as a sample, and I used "shake it" iPhone app pretty cute.


Caroline said...

Dear Claire,

I've been debating which bag of yours to buy for at least a month. I fell in love Messenger first when I saw it in a magazine. The shape was so great, the blue so beautiful. Then I went to your site and things got so confusing. How could they all be so perfect? Now I also love the Work Tote. And the Workbag! And the Trop! And the French Linen Sac!

I keep visitng your site, but just can't make a decision.

Which is why I'm so excited to read that your bags will be at Steven Alan: I can finally meet all your bags in person and bring home the right one.

Congratulations on your orders! Your bags are so lovely and cool.


Vivier said...

thank you, caroline. Let me know if I can be of any help in your decision making! xoclare

mary said...

I too am so excited to see your bags at Steven Alan in person - (although I have seen a few in passing - I was in the subway last week and a very hip girl walked by carrying one of your gold flat work totes, it looked gorgeous!) When do you think they'll arrive? Will they carry the Trop?



BODIE and FOU said...

Still in love with everything you design...doing my own little market research in the UK...

irene said...

i can't wait to see your items (that i do not own *yet*) at steven alan!

the new trop looks amazing! i will def be in line if it's ever offered.

- one of your favorite fans in NYC