Thursday, December 2, 2010

The way we work

On one side of the office there's me and a bunch of papers on the desk, two printers (1 on the floor, that cannot be feng shui.) It's tight quarters here. We may even need a bigger space soon (knock on wood knock on wood.) But 'til then, I think it's kind of cozy being able to hand Jocelyn things she prints without getting up from my chair.
Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 9.43.56 PM
At my back on the other wall, there are bags stacked on every flat surface and hanging from from every possible hook. We are trying our best to get you your bag! Even (especially) if you haven't ordered it yet.


Heather Taylor said...

Beautiful. Love from the Miami Airport. Xo

Benedicte said...

J'adore ! Surtout l'imprimante par terre...

¡Fräulein! said...

first of all, i was lucky enough to receive a la tropézienne purse from my husband for christmas. LOVE LOVE!

second, where did you find that sick jacket/sweater/fur? is it vintage?

your work and style is tops.