Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 25th Galerie Vie!

This is where they carry our bags in Japan: Galerie Vie. I have never been to Japan, but I would love to go visit this store.
Hello Chicness.
Yesterday, I received this 25th Anniversary look book from them which included, among their very carefully curated selection, the black Mini Sac. I'm sooo honored. It looks so beautiful on their pages.
"The Essence of Elegance is Simplicity"
Oh my, GV, how did you take the words right out of my mouth? :) xoxc


Squirrel & Starling said...

Oooh! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So clean, elegant, simple and stunning.
But, on to another subject - want the silver hobo bag - can I order it?

gina said...

oh please tell me you will do a holiday sale online (promo)... I missed the previous one with luckymag :(

Vivier said...

give me your email gina at info@seevivier.com and we'll let you know if we do any type of special.
thanks! XOClare