Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sponge Worthy

As in, Design*Sponge, of course...what'd you think I meant?
I was so excited to be featured on this stellar site back in the beginning of December but things were hectic and I didn't have time to spread the joy. La Trop on Design*Sponge! It was a red letter day. I felt it. I just couldn't share it, 'til now.
Then today, again! This time the Bash Please girls listed their favs on D*S and CViv iPad sleeve was featured with a few of my favorite designers: Loup Charmant and Heather Heron for Environment.
p.s. With "Sponge worthy" I think I've referred to Seinfeld two times on this blog and I'm officially dating myself. Mental note: Stop. It.

1 comment:

labeck said...

ha! sponge worthy - I so thought Seinfeld when I saw that title. Your bags are beautiful!