Sunday, February 6, 2011

Magic Hour

We have a magic hour most days in Los Angeles around 4 or 5 o'clock. It is the most beautiful time to be at the beach, at Soho House for cocktail, hiking Runyon Canyon, or if none of those are options, on my front porch. Last week was extremely busy for us over here - we shipped big orders to Steven Alan and Theory - and deftly kept multiple other balls in the air, but we always have time for a little photo break at magic hour.
And even the pros got to see our golden time last week: I was interviewed and photographed for Swedish Elle! Cool, right!? The editor-in-chief, Hermine Coyet Ohlen, herself came to interview me. And local (rockstar) Swedish ex-pat photographer Sarah St. Clair Renard came to shoot it. That's us above.
Jocelyn got her spring on with a fix of a new red CV foldover clutch.
Matilde scored a pair of never-been-worn vintage pumps from my closet (still in box!)
She's so in love with them, I don't think she's taken them off since I gave them to her, except to pack up Theory. :)
Also, pop over to see what I did tonight - it was another type of magic. :) xoxo


Megan Taylor said...

That hour KILLS me...I love it so much. When I worked for a photographer in Maine, she called it the "sweet light." Such a special time...we're lucky to have it everyday.


p.s. I love my mini sac!!!

Barbie said...

That hour sounds magical! Really makes me want to pack my bags and relocate asap!

When will the red/coral clutch be available? That bag, along with the pom pom, might very well help me get through this dreadful winter.