Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Magda, The Motherf-ing Queen of Spain

It is my first portrait by an artist ever, it is by Frohawk Two Feathers currently at Taylor De Cordoba gallery in Culver City. I "sat" for him a few months back in his backyard while he photographed me with all sorts of props in my hands like knives and machetes and proper hand-fans for effect, I was sitting in for Magda, the Queen of Spain in the late 1700s for heaven's sake and security was no joke. People in power were bad-ass and showed it or they were eliminated, but the weapons did not make it into the portrait. Frohawk went for the facial tattoos instead. That is my hat though - remember it from here?
Read a very informative review of the show and Frohawk's works here.


Megan Taylor said...

All I can think is that this world is so FULL!

Heather Taylor said...

Love this! can't wait for you to see the show

Jenny said...

The photo of you in the hat...gorgeous!