Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few days in the showroom


I spent last Thursday and Friday at the Steven Alan Showroom meeting new stores and teaching the staff about my line. It was so fun to meet all the new buyers, and of course, so nice to see the buyers who've been with us for a while-
like the Japanese store GALERIE VIE. It is always such a pleasure to come into contact with these buyers. This time they brought me the new GV send-out, catalogue. It is very special to be featured in the mailer because there aren't many pages in it. So far we've had the good fortune to be featured two times.
I love the simplicity of their styling. An egg with our silver Bando bag! Cute.
We also had some darn stylish women walk through the showroom and try out the bags! The black pebble laptop clutch looks great with this Marni coat, right? And can you peep those Isabel Marant hidden platform sneaks on this girl? I was dying.
This stylist picked the royal blue pebble clutch which managed to make her already adorable ensemble even a-door-bell-ier!
The very hot, (in more ways than one, it was very warm in the showroom) Evelyn from Diavolina in Los Angeles, picked two things she would like: Our new bando bag in Tomato and black laptop pebble clutch. :)
One of my favorite things about this blog is the people I've met because of it and Kee Edwards is a perfect example of that. Long story short, because she liked my blog she emailed me out of the blue, told me about her line Loup Charmant, I loved it so we met for coffee in New York the next time I was there and we've been friends ever since! It turns out that her line of lux organic leisure wear was just picked up by Steven Alan showroom this season as well! We were so happy to find we'd both just joined the same showroom. Then, when we saw one another on Thursday, we were kinda surprised to see we were wearing very similar outfits - fluffy, fuzzy white jackets
 and vintage Italian boots!


Anonymous said...

when can we purchase that bando bag?! i've been dying for one since you posted it in silver a while back.

Vivier said...

email us and order it directly through us. We'll make it for you.

Cheryl said...

I love the new bags! The Bando bag is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love my silver bando! And love my clutch too. Would love one in a bright color, I'm deciding which.....
Love the photos.


the black pebble clutch is to die for - i love all of the new items you've been making, keep it up!!!!

Anonymous said...

How much the bando bag?

Anonymous said...

How much is the bando?

Vivier said...

$460 for the tomato pebble leather.
$400 for the silver, black, navy, camel - not pebbled

amelia said...

these photos are great and soooo nicely sized! ;)

p.s. LOVE my new goods!!

Vivier said...

amelia, you changed my life. thank you! xxoo

WPZ - Sandy said...

I am sitting here next to my first Clare Vivier bag ever, Le Tropezienne, which is packed ready for my Amtrak ride to NYC tomorrow! Magazines, Mentos, Holga camera, ready steady! Thank you soooooo much!!

And I'm pondering what other bags I will have to add to the wishlist... probably a laptop case soon!!

Barbie said...

I was hoping to stop by (I had the pleasure of meeting you and seeing your lovely collection during your last trunk show in the fall) but wasn't able to make it. I'm dying for a coral/tomato clutch. I think you posted a pic a couple of weeks ago. Are they available yet?

Love the boots!

Le Loup said...

♡ all the photos! great gals with your stuff.. ♡d seeing you & our uncanny twin styling choices!
too bad you don't live here so i could raid your closet :)

Simone LeBlanc said...

love this! Did not know about loup charmant - so lovely and the kind of collection that everyone needs a bit of. UM, kind of like your bags. Tomato? Silver? Time for a shopping trip.

jennifer said...

I think I may have to break down and purchase a black clutch (with pom!) to go with my Le Tropezienne!

On a side note can anyone *please* tell me the brand/model t-shirt that Evelyn is wearing in the photo holding the clutch and the new red bando bag! I need that white t-shirt in my life!

heather said...

i love the last two outfits!