Monday, February 1, 2010

If You Need Me, Google Alert Me

While out to dinner on Friday night, I check my iPhone which has buzzed my tush, to find that I've been Google alerted to a web mention of my name. I love Google alerts, I just feel so on top of it all! Anyway, this particular time, I was alerted to a Rose Apodaca mention so I think it's referring to an old post she did on the gold flat tote, but no! It was a new blog post about how in Paris that night, a jerk tried to mug her (!) and take her new Clare Vivier tote along with her whole life in it, of course! As horrible as it sounds it is an inspiring tale from a woman's point of view, as she actually fights him off! The wounded dirtbag scampers away with nothing at all. GO ROSE! And, by the way, I think I may need some Chipewas...(and side note: how cool is it that Rose is carrying one of my bags in Paris?!)
Oddly enough, Google alerts did not tell me about this next one, however, one of my spies stationed around LA, quickly sent over the link from NOTCOUTURE. This is exciting for me as this is a cool NY-based fashion website! Yay. (And, my friend Else had just minutes before told me about that other line mentioned on page - sunshine and shadows as we're both a little obsessed with clogs right now.)

And, on Saturday afternoon my pager was blowing up with this GA: A lovely post by gallery owner Heather Taylor on Lucky blog.

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