Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the 4 lives of the merci bracelet

It all started yesterday when Else sent me this picture of her bracelet presy, with the subject line reading: Love this. Merci.
Her picture looked so lovely that I photographed Jocelyn wearing hers as well.
Heather got creative at the gallery with happy, fresh flowers in the background, no doubt from Holly Flora.
Greta has an old iPhone so when she attempted to photograph hers, it took many tries. And she never quite got "it," but she got something else. Here are a few of those attempts - pretty cute with that little jean skirt, belt and sandals. It captures a Gypset vibe perfectly.


Heather Taylor said...

way to work the gypset in there! i love my bracelet. merci merci merci. xo

Anonymous said...

You made my day! Thank you! bracelet liberty!
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