Friday, March 19, 2010

This Sunday's LA Times

Sometimes, for one reason or another, I send myself an email, either from my phone or from my laptop and a couple seconds later I hear the ding of my mail application indicating I've got a new message and I get excited. Psyche! It's only from me. Like with each and every ding it could possibly be a Vogue editor, or an invitation to the White House, or a long overdue message from a friend. Amazing how that all passes in an amnesiac millisecond. Pathetic but true, and it just happened now when I sent myself this picture from my laptop:
I'd wanted this picture from my laptop to post it here not for the lovely limited edition Trop bag which was pictured. No, I wanted it as it is the only one I have of my dining room chair. You can't really see it, but that's OK because I hate it - the chair. It is a benign, oak, inoffensive, straight back chair. We've got 6 of them or so. I hate them all. They are uncomfortable, and they squeak and creek and squawk with every slight movement of the unwitting sitter. I dream of getting something lovely like a Wishbone chair, but until that day I'll just go on silently ruing them with each dinner party we have.

On the day I was leaving for Paris 2 weeks ago, Ringo, an LA Times photographer came to take my picture for this lovely piece written by Victoria Namkung, and I thought the chair, that I've cursed so many times was going to have the last laugh and was going to crush me.
Ringo had the beyond kooky idea for me to scatter the bags about the floor and for me to lay amongst them while he, whom I've just met minutes before, stands upon the rickety old chair straddling my body. (While I knew it was kitschy, I just didn't have the heart to tell him. He seemed really into the idea, and who am I to take away the creative impulses of a Times photog.) He kept asking me to smile and I kept thinking how the chair was finally going to let go and Ringo and the chair would crush me and my obit would read, "She died whilst being photographed." And so all that and the fact that I only had minutes before I had to dash out the door for my transatlantic flight, made for an extremely forced smile.

I know hardly anyone likes a picture of themselves, unless you're Christy Turlington, but I really never do and I've had (the very good fortune) to see my pic a few times lately. There was this picture taken by the very talented Christina von Messling for LA's Mondette website where I look like I had waaaay too much make up on, but really it was just the lighting, I swear.

And the top image was an outtake taken by le mari at Echo Park at a shoot for a national magazine which will run - in full color and without the snarky smile - in their May issue (if they run it.) It was a story of people who bike to work. What? I bike. And that is my "bike" messenger bag in winter white. ;)
3rd photo - credit LA Times


BODIE and FOU said...

Absolutely love the shot of Le Mari and if I was you I would paint all your ugly chairs in chalky white...tried & tested, it works wonder

RebeccaB said...

Clare you are so cute! What kind of bike do you ride? (I am in the market for a bike...)

jeana sohn said...

congrats!! you look super cute in the photo.

Jennifer said...

Ah, you are very photogenic...but I know what you mean. Congratulations on the LA Times article.
I'm bringing my navy Messenger, Mini Bag and Vivier for Red Hot Shop Clutch to London with me!

Megan Taylor said...

C! I have been getting NON STOP compliments on my C. VIVS brown leather tote. I barely know what to say to people who go so gaga...all I do is tell them who you are and then once they've seen your website, they carry on going bonkers! Just thought you might want to know how it's going up here in S.F. re: people's perception of your fabulous designs, xoxoxoxo!

emily said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The article is great! I'm just starting to pack for a pleasure trip to San Francisco this week, and I have been having a rough time trying to decide which of my (your!) bags to take... Maybe I can fit them all?

M.M said...

Would the La Trop be big enough to use as a school bag? I am embarking on law school and need something gorgeous to carry my computer and a few big books. If not, would you consider making an EXTRA large version?