Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Below the Fold

I'm pretty sure I'm about to bury the lead, as they say, maybe even two, so stay with me...
I'm a huge sucker for platforms, I love extra height. Ever since I fell in love with my first pair of Robert Clergerie honkers years ago back at Gimme Shoes in SF. They were $300 which, for a college student, was waaay too much for me. I used to go visit them every once in a while dreaming of them. Then one day while I was visiting them, I noticed that the front window of the store had been broken and a shard of glass had scratched my beloveds. They offered them to me at half price. I bought and wore them for a couple years straight. So when I saw these SR's for H&M, I couldn't help myself. Cheap-in-price is okay sometimes for play shoes, but cheap-in-look and you have to draw the line. I couldn't abide by the powder pink insteps showing at the end of my foot, it just said a little too playboy-playmate for my style, so I covered it with lovely kelly green swatch of lambskin. All the difference.
Here's what wasn't cheap. Vintage. Japanese. Snakeskin boots. From The Way We Wore.
I bought them a few weeks back when everything in the store was half-off...except these boots. I justified the purchase with a certain event in mind. You know how you do that, right? The event was literally, oh a month and half away, and I already knew I had nothing to wear to it. Had to, right? What was the event you ask? It was this:
Dior. Vanity Fair. Pretty much the swankiest event I've ever been invited to and it was on Monday night. I'd also brought back this from my trip to NY, thinking it would be the only occasion I'd ever have to wear it...The reason I was invited though, and this is the lead part that I've sufficiently buried:
I designed a clutch for the event!! It was very exciting to work on this project with Kimberly Brooks and with the subjects being some of the most important taste makers of our time!

We made 3 versions of my fold over clutch in coated canvas with a detail of a one of Brooks's portraits on one side and text of the show on the other.
I think they turned out extremely chic for an exhibit bag. And bonus, Vanity Fair bought a whole lot of them to go in their Oscar's dinner party bag!!
That's Janie Bryant, Jeremy Scott and Rachel Zoe from left to right.
So how was the party you ask? I didn't go. I was stuck with massive stomach flu starting at 5 a.m. on Monday that had me in bed the entire day. Here's how I was in my dreams getting ready to go the party.

I mean, damnit! If I didn't get to wear it all, I at least had to try it all on. Now where am I going to go to wear it all?

I leave on Friday. Next posts from Oui, Paris! (I'm bringing feathers + that was the second lead.)


KT said...

I just came across CLAREVIVIER and I am in love! The messenger bag is on my must have list. It's that perfect simple/chic bag that can go to work or go to the coffee shop, I adore it. Have a fabulous time in Paris!

Jennifer said...

Wooow!Your outfit!!Dior!Vanity Fair! HBT! Your Clutches! Amaaazing.

Nooo! Stomach flu!

Yeeess, Paris!

Have a great trip:)

emily said...

BEAUTIFUL BAGS! I love the simple design with the gorgeous graphics.

Have a wonderful trip to Paris!

tracy said...

the outfit is perfect