Monday, March 15, 2010

les petits cadeaux

I barely had time for anything outside meetings in Paris. It was hard to leave the apartment during the day because at any point there may have been another appointment coming. But as was made evident in the last post, I went to Merci a few times because it was a very close to where we were staying. Finally the last day we made it out to my mecca - Le Bon Marché. Here are a few gifts I brought back for loved ones back home.
The roll that says, "My Drap" is actually a roll of cloth towels. They are perforated and you can rip them off as paper towels and use them as napkins. Then you can wash them over and over again. Such a cute Euro idea. They are for Simone.
I fell in love with Claudie Pierlot when I lived in France years ago, but I could only ever afford their lower priced line called, Mon Ami Pierlot. I bought a Claudie Pierlot skirt for myself at BM and I asked the young saleslady if Mon Ami still existed and she looked at me like I must be old and said, Non, not for a while.
The red card is a package of ever useful thank you notes from Merci. I love the front: "Shoot! I forgot to say thank the lady, to my love, to my good friend, to you. For the lovely night last night, for your trust, for your friendship, for the gift, for your love. Thank you dad, thank you mom. Thank you life. Thank you for everything." We all need these.
Mariage Frères tea for Jocelyn, I didn't make it to their salon de thé but I made it to La Grande Epicerie...yum.
Fauchon's black & white repeat is one of my favorite logo patterns in the world.
During fashion week at Merci, they were doing a whole Liberty of London fabric theme throughout the store. One of the cute things I bought for a few copines were shreds of Liberty fabric with a little gold Merci pendant which you can wrap around and around your wrist or wear as a necklace. Ahhh boho chic, I just can't quit you. There was also a Comme des Garçons store around the corner from our apt (I told you, it was the best neighborhood) I spent a little too long in there oogling the goods. I walked out with this happy, robin's egg blue pocket and Sherbet series parfum - rhubarb series 5, for Else and Energy C - grapefruit series 8, for le mari.


Justine said...

Hello Clare, I must be old like you :-) as I used to work at Claudie Pierlot (1993- 94) and loved the mon ami Pierlot shop and range! I still have a scarf from there - happy days!

BODIE and FOU said...

I loved Merci...took lots of pics during my last trip to Paris

SogniSorrisi said...

I just wanted to say I absolutely love your bags!

Vivier said...

Yes, Justine, I lived there in 1995 so we're "old" together! Ha!
SogniS, Thank you so much!!

Joslyn said...

oooh perfect goodies, i'm especially swooning over those cloth towels and that blue Comme des Garçons pocket!