Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Un Sac, Une Fille

Or rather, "a girl, a bag" as BODIE and FOU would have it...
I'm in awe of the fact that a photo shoot featuring La Tropezienne (on a gorgeous girl) took place in London. It is ridiculously exciting for me, as they say here in the Southland (as the call LA here on the news.) B and F is an online store, and a blog, which sells and showcases fabulous interior design products. I believe my bag was among Karine's first foray into personal accessories. I'm very lucky.

From the amount she is reordering, Karine is singlehandedly outfitting the UK in Trops, yay! Go, Bodie, go.

How hot is this girl!?
Ummhmm, cute!
I want her to intern here!

all pictures BODIE and FOU


jeana sohn said...

she's so cute!

Joslyn said...

seriously cute and genius on the longer straps!

caroline said...

She *is* so cute. Every time I see a Trop it's like the first time - I want one all over again. PS: I was flipping through the new Self magazine the other day and one of your Trops is featured. (It's the April issue...)

Vivier said...

thanks you guys! and thanks Caroline, I didn't know that about Self. I will check it out.

Megan Taylor said...

oh wow that is hip!