Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Danish For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I don't quite understand how this happened, but the gist of the story is that months ago, my friend Else went on a brief trip to Denmark, met a stylist, and these beautiful editorial pictures featuring CVIV arrived in our in boxes today...
The iPhone pouch, it's sexy girls, get it!! If I could shout it from a rooftop I would. Here's a little story about the iPhone pouch. The most coveted American chic & cool department store (remaining uncited but its one word name starts with the second letter of the alphabet), meets with young bag designer in Paris and all the buyers love it. They get it. In fact, super chic head buyer covets and purchases from young designer an iPhone pouch for herself. Weeks later, young designer receives an email from said Desirable Store which says, "sorry, although we love your line," it is too "simple" or "unadorned" said designer cannot remember the adjective exactly, but the sting is etched in her brain, "for our customer." Ouch. Maybe one day your customer will catch up to your buyer and to this hotness...!!? (And now I will stop talking in third person. Sorry.)
Foldover clutch in black leather!! Hot.
Silver wrist wrap. Aye caramba!
Black messenger bag. This is soooo cool for me to see my bags in photos like these. I'm in awe. Thanks Denmark. Yai, que igge taylor dansk! (Phonetic for - I don't speak Danish.) But I'm fluent in Scandi-chic!

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Sarah Bradley said...

Said department store that starts with the second letter of the alphabet sucks. Big time. Too bad their customers aren't as awesome as yours. ;)