Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look Mom, Mom Look

In a feat of epic bad timing, my mother arrives today from Minnesota for a visit (after a 2-year absence from California) and I leave tonight for New York. Humph!! I'm in NY for two day-whirlwind-trip (I'm back on Saturday) for meetings with buyers and press. It's okay she'll spend a few days with Oscar and le Mari and be well taken care of I'm sure.
My sister emailed me this picture of my mother at my request because Michael and Karen asked me to contribute to their new blog. I've written my submission, it's up now.
I'll be back over the weekend! xoxo
p.s. the title of this entry was my never ending refrain when I was little.


Heather Taylor said...

This is such a great picture! love love love it

Megan Taylor said...

What a sweet blog post :) safe travels!