Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mentioning our Mentions

CVIV has been out and about this week on the interwebs and paper press too, so I thought I'd aggregate here. My own private HuffPo, if you will.
There's the tellmewherethisis blog where my photos of the poster Art assignment were on display. Our job was, the 200 of us who were mailed this numbered edition poster (I got number 1 otherwise I wouldn't have done it. jk. kind of), to photograph this poster somewhere in our surroundings and then send it (or them) back to Mr. Edwards for him to publish on his blog. I took pictures of the poster on a beach in Malibu on Labor Day and let the waves wash over it which promptly destroyed the colorful numbered edition like tissue paper. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn't have ruined it as it may have been the only time I get #1 of any limited print. In any case, Oscar was not amused. Click on link above for story.
Here's the digital postcard of Steven Alan sent out for Fashion's Night out in NYC. Note Clare Vivier written as one word. That's what they call me there. I have to admit it is unclear...Note to self: make that more clear.
Similar postcard for SA's FNO in Los Angeles, but Clare Vivier, although written in two words is written with an "i" ! Ouch. Oh well, I love them anyway and I'll be there on Friday to show it.
Hitting the newsstands this week is the new Lucky magazine where yper-chic, Creative Director Andrea Linett describes the red messenger tote as perhaps her "favorite tote ever - great shape, super light, with an attached inside pouch." Thanks A.L.! There's no way I could have said it better myself.
The rad surfer chicks at Foam like our flat work tote this month! It's true this bag is a real unsung hero of the line!

The ever brilliant Heath Ceramics of Sausalito has invited us to participate in their 2nd Annual Heath Bazaar on September 19, at their store on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. I'm so excited about this! Look at the Los Angeles line-up: / Katherine Bentley: handcrafted jewels/ Beatrice Valenzuela: cool leather shoes/ Krank Press: off-beat letterpress designs/ Clare Crespo: sweet, sweet treats/ Jackie Terrell: paintings and paintings/ Cathy Callahan: vintage-inspired crafts/ Clare Vivier: gorgeous, timeless bags/ Modern Kids Photography: fun, free photo booth/ Matteo: glorious linens. I'm soo thrilled to have been invited and can't wait to spend the day with these talented people.

We got an email from Michael Sanderson this morning alerting us that he had featured our iPad case in his new illustrated online fashion mag called Birche. So cool! Look at how cute that case is drawn! And what a great idea for a blog/mag/catalogue! I'm all for a modern day, chic J. Peterman. We had just been talking about how we needed an Elaine working with us here in the office on copy.

FerrolStudio of Seattle included a bit of Trop-i-ness on her lovely-thing-a-day blog on Tuesday.
There was also this piece on Jamila's fash-art blog. Okay, that's all! Man! Thanks to all these nice people who've included us recently. Very Lucky indeed.


Heather Taylor said...

whoa whoa whoa. this is too much goodness for me to handle. LOVE it! thanks for the CVIV HUFFPO. xo

Anonymous said...

Look at you!!! Like a rocketship!

elauinc said...

it was great to chat with you last night!