Monday, November 28, 2011

Back From Family Time

I hope you all had a great long weekend with friends and family.
This is my family. And I had a lot to be thankful this year, my family number 1, and my business number 2. And it wouldn't be a business without you so Thank you very very much. 
(I'm not in the picture, or I am, but I'm in my mama's belly.)
Yes, I'm the youngest of 6. And this is what family bike rides were like. A little like our very own Critical Mass. We just returned from visiting all of them in MN over the holidays and it was so good to be home for a few days. Now back in LA, we here at CV are soo ready for all the holiday sales we are doing and orders we are getting out! From here until I leave for France on Christmas eve we are jam packed. So I'm drinking my coffee and we are on it. 
Hey everyone! It's CYBER MONDAY. 
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:) xox

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