Sunday, November 20, 2011

Isabel - en vrai

Yesterday, I had probably the best celebrity sighting of the year, and we have a lot of sightings here in LA. But this one beat them all: Isabel Marant, herself, the person, en vrai, as they say. 
I couldn't believe this famous Parisian was here, in LA and in our neighborhood, at LAMill cafe!
(Photo: Terry Richardson for Russh)
Here's the thing. I'm really not one for idolatry. Nor am I starstruck, but I did think it was cool to see her, because she's a rad designer, has crazy good style and she's wildly successful in the industry within which I work.  Here's what she says the Isabel girl is in an interview with the Australian magazine Russh:
"think it’s just a woman who wants to have a strong personality but without being totally dressed up, who wants to be different but in a discreet way. And she’s usually a rather active, entrepreneurial woman, who needs to feel good in her clothes without trying too hard."
(Photo: Backyard Bill for
Bref, je l'adore. I love her.
So I geeked out. Kind of how I geeked out when I saw Charlotte in Paris.
Here's how my geekiness manifested this time:
I spotted her and her awesome grey hair and killer leather jacket, outside at a table with her friend. There was an open table next to her, I sat down. In French, I said, excuse me, are you Isabel Marant? She said, Oui, in a shy? Embarrassed? Annoyed? Shy-friendly-way?
I have no idea, but it was enough of slightly questionable response for me to call off the millions of questions I wanted to ask her: What was she doing in LA? How long would she be here? Would she come by my studio/store because it wasn't far? Did she want to be my best friend? Come to my house for dinner at least? Geek. Instead I said, "I'm a big fan of your work." And then quickly turned my head and buried my head in my iPhone. And that was it until she left her table with her friend, she turned and said "au revoir." And I said, au revoir, Isabel. Marant.
So I didn't find out why she's in California but I did read here that she may stay for a while. So if I see her again, I'll update. :)


Heather Taylor said...


Anonymous said...

That's so cool!

funwithdesign said...

I think it's too funny that you were starstruck by another designer. I was all flustered just seeing another woman in person wearing my same beloved "trop". I would be speechless if I actually ran into Clare Vivier herself :)

Jennifer said...


Love it. Your posts are always so fun & well told.

I am so impressed that you actually spoke to her. I would not have been able to get up the nerve.

This is the 2nd IM sighting @ LA Mill I have heard of...feel like I should stake the place out.
But that would be creepy.

I do hope she is here to work on opening a store!

Sparkle and Soul said...

Girl.. That's how I felt when I met u..u came across very shy :)

amelia said...

i love that you approach famous people.

I recently approached Diana Nyad at Joan's on Third. super awkward but worth it!!

VanRey said...

Funny like sparkle and soul , I felt the same way when I came into the Cviv shop all the way from N.Y and saw you in the flesh with your fabulous bright pink patent saltwater sandals. . . You never know how you affect a person until you see someone who affects you.

Le Loup said...

you are so cute & yes, exactement la fille d'isabel marant! no marannabee there :D

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

What a sweet story!

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