Thursday, November 17, 2011


Marannabes is not really trademarked, but my good friend Karen coined the genius term, so using it here I had to give her props at the start. It means those items of clothing or accessories which either copy or perhaps took their inspiration from the insta-cred designer Isabel Marant.  Read the excerpt from Lucky editor Marlien Rentmeester's new must-read blog from her new style website Le Catch.

See, Marlien called it: It's true - I loved Marant's Dicker boot, but with it's utter simplicity, I found it hard to justify the $$$ price tag. When one night at a dinner party, Simone Le Blanc mentioned the Barneys Co-Op boots with glitter on the back, a la Miu Miu, that was it. Two of my favorite shoes of the season - combined. Sold.
So the other night, it was funny to be at my friend Greta's house and see Greta and Jeana both wearing the Dicker. 
While I was wearing the glitter version.
Off the subject, but from the same dinner of the Dickers and Glitters at Greta's, I took this picture of her Heath soup bowls with the sliced baguette awaiting the yummy soup, I documented the sliced French bread "bunny phenomenon." I didn't know about this until I lived in France: Did you know that 99% of the time when you slice a baguette, the profile looks just like a bunny rabbit? Fun fact.
Here's another pair of shoes which I bought in Paris at Le Bon Marche a few years ago, before Isabel came out with hers, but in any case are, for the moment, quelling my desire to purchase another pair of Isabel shoes.
Here's me wearing them the other day - with an Isabel dress I'll have you know. 
I'm not a complete Marannabe. :)
there are 2 post scripts to this entry:
1. Joanna sent me this post from her blog about Isabel Marant - I think very worth reading.
2. I'm still kinda dying that Marlien called me a "fashion bellwether" because she has been my LA fashion idol ever since I met her a few years ago. I actually said one of my most embarrassing lines ever to her during our very first conversation: "Lucky got lucky hiring you." Yep, I said that - I've got a gift with words I tell ya. Bless her heart she still speaks to me.

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Kristina said...

Those shoes, they change your life.

Last month, during one of the first rainy days of the season, I wandered around The Grove looking for something to distract me from my rather sloppy wet dog of an appearance, one even a trench coat couldn't improve (Le Trop stayed in the car).

I squealed when I saw them. I would have worn them out of the store if it weren't for the puddles. They are so perfect, even dare I say, better, than the Marants. For me at least. Glitter makes everything better.

And now the only other person I've seen them on is you. I am in excellent company.

Maybe Santa will bring us a second pair. Because, I don't know about you, but I'm not taking them off anytime soon. K xx