Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Anonymous Timely Gift

I got home from 4 days in New York yesterday and found this book about street art [in general and political posters specifically] in Paris during the protests of 1968, was delivered to my door from Amazon - only I hadn't ordered it and it was delivered anonomously. Whoever sent me the gift had forgotten to put their name on it, so if was you, thank you so much. I love it.
It is one of the coolest books I've seen in a while and it fits so well with so many of my loves: French things, silk screening, text art, and politics. 
The funny thing about this book is that, while I'd never seen it before, there's a wonderful food market in Echo Park called Cookbook where they have this poster that I love so much. When I saw it I had that conflictual simultaneous feeling: it was so perfect for that shop and, oh, how unfair the world was that that poster did not belong to me. So I was so happy to receive an entire book of posters just like that one.
It's amazing how much these posters resonate with what is happening today with the Occupy movements:
The Strike Continues.
The workers will win.
I love the book because the also show you how the artists made the posters - occupying an art school and taking over the silk screening facilities to make of of them.
Press - Do Not Swallow. Fox news anyone?
Workers United - Free Information
As Vermès points out in the intro to the book, they didn't have Twitter and FB back then. To get the word out they had to make actual placards to gather support. Imagine that.
Populist Puppets.
Yes, Factories Occupied
In New York news,  I went to Vogue again, only this time actual editors met with me. Two of them! Meredith Melling Burke, market editor, and Rickie De Sole, accessories editor, both came to meet me and see the line. They were both lovely and MMB was even more glowing in real life. She was so chic in jeans, white sweater, camel coat and heels - I'd guess Celine:) - I would have never thought of her as underdressed but I over heard her say that they were all kind of dressed down at Vogue that day because Anna was out of town. Ha. Highlight of trip was when MMB actually responded later that evening to my tweet that I was on the up to see her. Cute!


Megan Taylor said...

Mystery book! That's magical...

sylvie sourit said...

This book is amazing. I will try to find it for my husband who is an illustrator for advertising.
Your blog is nice and your bags are fabulous! Where may I find them in France ?

Barbie // Fringe & Feathers said...

What a great book