Thursday, February 25, 2010

I [heart] New York - a post in 3 parts - trois

Repetto. I adore this old company and am so happy they've had a resurgence in the last couple of years. The showroom space we rented in NY last week belonged to a woman who was somehow involved with bringing Repetto to the US, but I don't know any of the details. In the space there was an entire wall of Repetto shoe boxes which were actually full of shoes! It was very hard not to play dress up with those goodies inside their lovely magnetic black boxes.
Anyway, Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot must be part of the ad campaign as these images (along with all the lovely Selby images) lined the walls. Notice their shoes? I want Serge's Zizis. But I did just get gorgeous kelly green Cendrillons like BB's from Mohawk. Was this my dream workspace? Darn close.

My friend Christina came by the showroom to help out a bit, so I made her model a flat tote. It looks lovely on her, as does her swan like neck.
I couldn't help trying on some Jasmin Shokrian. This jacket is one of the new designs from her Draft 17 collection. It is a voluminous, ripstop windbreaker. I loved it! Jasmin had the sense to pair it with the brown Trop for the photo. It looks warm and yummy.
I also had to try on the winter white messenger. LOVE. I want it. People will be scared of it, it's white! But I think it will just get better and better as it gets the patina of time.
Have you seen Carine Roitfeld in the front row? I'm sure we've all seen better pictures than this, but this was taken with my iPhone and I kinda of love it.
It was taken at Sophie Theallet , the one and only fashion show I attended. The clothes were lovely, but once I glanced at each the outfits coming down the runway, I went back to watching CR. She was wearing over the knee leather boots, a big fur coat which she took off, a poker face the entire show, and had an hyper hot editor (assistant?) sitting next to her.


Anonymous said...

So are the new Messengers in a different kind of leather? They look a bit more sturdy.

Megan Taylor said...

Dear Clare, I love everything about this post. First off, I love love love B.B. and have a giant "Le mepris" poster in my apartment, inspired by my senior year college thesis I wrote about Jean-Luc Godard. Love love love! Also, very pleased with yet another nyc installment. Hope to see you soon!, xoxo

Heather Taylor said...

love this post. love green shoes. love everything.

caroline said...

Wow. This is off-the-hook deliciousness! The leathers of the shoes, your bags... such great colors.
Did you see what Cathy Horyn wrote about the Sophie Theallet show? "Her clothes make me think of a delicious meal with friends, with much wine and a taste for conversation. They’re real, human, sexy."
The quote seems appropriate for all the items shown in your post, including your bags, of course.

notebook doodles said...

okay so i've seen your bags around the web for a while now :) but have only decided to leave a comment here. i really should have done it earlier!!

but anyways, i really do love all your designs. they are so effortlessly chic. and i really hope all the appointments you had in new york works out well :p

Katie said...

i love love your bags (amazing)..that navy messanger is calling my name.
i am doing a fun little giveaway on my blog for some v. snazzy citron colored fingerless gloves...
if you have a lovely cupcake recipe (or fav. cupcake to share) please head on over and check it out!!! i am baking my own for my wedding in June and am trying to decide on flavors and icing..thanks so much!!