Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pause Bisous

We used to watch a French talk show on TV5 called Tout Le Monde En Parle, hosted by Thierry Ardisson. (I developed a crush on him despite all my natural instincts, but that's another story...)Anyway, they used to do this thing which they could only do on foreign television - it would not work at all on US tv - which they called a "Pause Bisous." They would stop the talk show mid-whatever, the lights would flash and music would start and it would say Pause Bisous on the screen - you know, general show-chaos - and all the guests and Thierry would get up, give one another a bisous (a kiss on each cheek) and then they'd sit back down and regain composure and pretend like that weirdness hadn't just happened.
As queer as this gimmick was, I've often thought of this as a metaphor for taking time out to recognize someone, or kiss someone, or give a shout out to someone - you know, another way to stop and smell the roses...Well, here's my Pause Bisous to Simone. The image is from her new website for flowers in NYC. And it's still a work in progress, but her contact info is there and if you need flowers in New York, take my very safe word for it, she's amazing. She is also an incredibly talented artist, but she does the flowers for Babbo, (thus the aforementioned same day ressies)...and for a variety of other high high profile people and events.

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Heather Taylor said...

really really really j'adore this