Friday, April 23, 2010

Artsy Crafty

I often feel bad* that I'm not more of a "crafting mama" so I was super excited to see the crafting weekend spearheaded by artist Karen Kimmel taking place at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs this weekend. I'd been wanting to check out the Commune designed Ace for a while now and this seemed like a wonderful excuse to do so. (I'm also excited to see my bags for sale at the Community Shop at the Ace, neat!)
Artists David Alvarez, Clare Crespo, Confetti System, Elizabeth Halpern, Erik Ian and Geoff McFetridge along with Kimmel will be hosting workshops and crafting things with kids and grown ups.

*Which is why it is with great pride, Oscar made this bag yesterday. It was "bring your child to work" here at CViv HQ. His school has one of the latest Spring breaks, and he's mostly been loitering around the house this week, so yesterday he came into the office to help J and I make bags - because that's what we do...
I met the multi-talented Clare Crespo on Facebook. I kept seeing that I should "friend" her as we had a lot of friends in common. Just the fact that she spelled her name like me was enough for me to send her a friend request along with a note saying, "we live in the same neighborhood, we knew a lot of the same people, and we don't have "i"s, so we should be friends." She concurred and we are now Clare-without-an-i-friends.

*With scraps of leather he cut the hearts and pasted them to muslin, added a strap and then sewed it all together by hand - which he learned how to do at school - not here.
Check out the detail-stitch on the Tour Eiffel key chain he insisted upon adding. I approve, Oscar, a little bit of metal takes it out of the realm of cutesy.

So we're off to PS today, have a great weekend! Pics from the Ace upon return! xoxoC

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clare said...

i miss oscar! and you!!