Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Neon Good Time

It is taking me forever to do this blog entry because there were so many great pictures from the Crafting Community weekend at the Ace in Palm Springs and so many different things I could write about.
I mean, the setting! Replete with sunshine, mountain views, swimming pools, and even Confetti System piñatas.
The crafting was extraordinary - check this bird Oscar made with architect, turned rock-animal-maker, David Alvarez (who also happened to be a secret EMT wannabe in the best sense, as he ably and swiftly treated my freshly-brewed-scalding-hot-coffee-burned hand. Thank you, David.)
The hipster quotient was pretty high and maybe a bit intimidating, just check the children. They are way cooler than me. And you. Probably. But nothing to worry about, they were nice! ;)
There's the very exciting fact of my bags being at the Community Shop at the Ace, and also the punk rock bonus that they've written the featured designers' names on the wall in the store in Sharpie. As Oscar pointed out: mama's in the house! And in good company - Free City, Heath Ceramics, Robert Lewis, Kathryn Bentley and more...
There were the junk food-light, but Kanye-esque sunglasses and rainbow terry wristbands-heavy, filled piñatas!
There was an intoxicating amount of NEON colors which just drove me crazy in the best of ways. It's like I'm addicted to these colors right now. Weird.
And, my own crafts! That's right, the parents were invited to craft as well and I made this necklace and bracelet out of jersey scraps donated by American Apparel. In my opinion, they are a bit Lanvin-like in my own way.
Thank you Karen Kimmel, I'd attend another Crafting Community weekend anytime.

Also, please take a look at the very cute Austin, TX store called Spartan which is carrying my bags and featuring them on their website.
AND, this great mention in today's Refinery 29 piece about the raddest things in the Standard New York's boutique. Their wording, not mine.


emily said...

That looks like an amazing experience. Do they ever do just-for-grown-ups-weekends? I love your necklace :)

Vivier said...

thank you. i don't know if they do just for grown ups! xoclare

Alexandra said...

I love your necklaces, so chic!!

Megan Taylor said...

Oscar's bird is really sweet. It seems like you had a great time and took amazing pics. I'm sure it was tough picking which ones made the blog! Fun neon fun! xoxoxo p.s. can't wait to see you soon!!

Vivier said...

looking forward to seeing you too, megan! yay, two dinners! merci alexandra:)

Paige Appel said...

Why didn't I make a super rad Lanvin-esque necklace? I finger knitted a rainbow rope for Rem. Jealous.

And yes, super hipster kids. What was with all the Latin names for the super WASPy kids?

"Diego! Cortez! Pinto! Costa! Stay away from the pool!"

too much.

jeana sohn said...

thanks for coming over last night. xoxoxoxo!