Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

I've been putting out feelers for artists to paint the canvas workbag.
On Friday, I saw my first one so far - painted by Anonymous (for now) we'll do a show of all them soon where the artist will be revealed. The natural canvas has always screamed out to be created upon - seeing the first one reiterates the idea for me - it's majorly cool and we shall auction them all for charity...

Still getting use out of my Rihanna jeans. Hey hey hey.

Here's a little Summer bag we're kicking around...Flat work tote in khaki green canvas - quintessential summer camp vibe so we stenciled "Camp Vivier" on it with white pencil. It'll be on the site soon, but the Camp Vivier part will be painted or silk screened.
This is a first look at my iPad case, you can't see it really because it's open, it's just the sample that I made, but it's a beautiful natural aniline dyed brown leather. It makes quite a nice story next to Camp Vivier and the white clutch.

The other night Mohawk very graciously invited me and a few other designers they carry in store to meet the editorial director of Refinery 29 who was in town from New York. They served white sangria courtesy of the Tere and Gabriela Artigas, the jewelry designers and visionaries behind House on Genesee.
Yesterday, while the hipsters of Los Angeles were away at Coachella, I'm pretty sure the hipsters of Norway would have been drooling-jealous of our trip to Malibu in a 1973 Dodge Dart packed to the gills with sandy-haired Lord of the Flies-esque children, driven by a major Norwegian rock star.
Today I FINALLY got a pedicure (Else and I both got neon pink, natch) and I feel like a new person.

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gina said...

everything looks great, just saw you featured in self magazine's bike article~ :)