Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Bike Therefore I Am

SELF MAGAZINE, May 2010. Pg. 30.
I'm wearing: winter white CVIV messenger bag, vintage Hermes scarf from my sister, silk circle dress by J.Shokrian and shoes, er well, shoes, get ready, no, well first look at another picture of my shoes:
Hot right?
They're Stuart Weitzman! I know!
Weird thing is, I saw them first at Le Bon Marche in Paris. JS and I walked the shoe floor and didn't see a thing we wanted. Then after perusing the clothing for a while, I thought to myself, I need to go back and see the shoes. I did, and the only thing I tried on were these. I had them on when JS walked up to me and said they were hot and I should get them. I said, "guess who they're by?" She said, something I cannot misquote and cannot really remember but something along the lines of Sander or Balenc, when I dropped the S.Weitzman bomb, her jaw fittingly hit the floor. Then she told me they were still hot, but that I couldn't buy them in Paris as it was an American co and they were much more expensivo there. So I bought them upon return. But if anyone asks me about my shoes, my response will still be: "Oh, I got them in Paris."
Don't tell!
(And No, I have never worn them with those socks - strictly for illustration purposes.)


starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

awesome! you have great legs!

Jennifer said...

You are fabulous.
(Killer shoes & legs!)

Wow: Refinery 29, Norwegian Rock Stars, all the new ideas that you continue to experiment with. Inspiring.

elauinc said...

those shoes are HOTT!

Heather Taylor said...

screw the shoes - how about those leggies!!!! you must do a lot of hiking ;)

Vivier said...

why, thankyouverymuch. hiking, yes. er, biking ;)

Megan Taylor said...

i agree with all of the above...ITSALLABOUTTHELEGS

jeana sohn said...

your legs are hotter than the shoes!

nativekee said...

hotness!! luv em :D