Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm not M. Stewart

This was me and Oscar's attempt at Easter a far, far cry from M. Stew...ah well, tomorrow, we have big egg finding plans with parties in Malibu and Hancock Park, will let you know who hid better.
This was me and JS's attempt at happiness in clutch form.
Both wildly successful, I'd say.

Well, maybe not the Easter part...when Oscar went to bed the Easter bunny came. I'm so lame at holidays, I don't even think he expected there to be a basket when he wakes. (That Christmas presents appear on the 25th of Dec is already something.) I remember David Sedaris saying that in France, they have something like an Easter bell, Oscar's probably more familiar with that from his school. Anyway, mother guilt makes me make him an Easter basket. I couldn't find the basket I thought we had from previous years, so I used my African market basket and put plastic grass (made in USA!), his dyed eggs and a few chocolate eggs from the supermarket. I remember better baskets than that when I was little! I feel inadequate. But then again, kids eat too much crap these days anyway, Jamie Oliver's even got a Food Revolution going for god's sake, so I'm happy to not give him too much! There. I'm self-justified. Now I can sleep.


emily said...

Whoa!!! Those clutches are beautiful! Yellow is my favorite color! Are those available for sale somewhere?

Also, Happy Easter to you and yours!

Vivier said...

thank you, emily. i hope you had a great day, too!
yes, email me regarding the clutches!