Monday, May 3, 2010

Très Civilized Bacchanalia

I went to a lavishly lovely dinner in the private wine cellar room of Terroni on Friday night. The food was amazing, the wine overflowing, and many many flowers on the table from Holly Flora.
Close up of an insanely cute bud vase with poppies.
Cut to Saturday a.m. and see what was on my mantle!
And on my dresser...A lucky few of us got to take a little piece of Holly Flora home with us. Aren't they sculptural and beautiful and happy?!
I also got to go home with this Mexican silver bracelet.
My friend gave it to me as she knew my whole outfit for the evening was to be planned around my new, very Frida-esque, silver-ball necklace from Luxe De Ville.
Here's me very Frida-like, sans make-up and very serious this a.m.
Have I mentioned before that many of my outfits are predicated on the question, Would Frida Wear It? Slight obsession. And, I'm sure that Frida and Diego engaged in more than a few Civilized Bacchanalias in their day too.


nativekee said...

GIMME!! :)

mamacita said...

Needs more eyebrow.

Heather Taylor said...

love love love.

Megan Taylor said...

Silver and flowers, what a fierce post.

Prosecco said...

Yay, Terroni! My peeps from Toronto. It's one of my hangouts here. Got another compliment on the weekend from a random stranger about La Tropezienne. You're amazing, Clare!!

Vivier said...

thank you prosecco!