Monday, May 17, 2010

iPad me

You know when you have a job to do - a project, say, and your first thoughts are extremely elaborate? Like say you're asked to build a gate and you start thinking: Fortress! How many stones you'll need, mapping out the area of the structure, you'll have to learn masonry, (google masonry classes in your area,) and you'll have to figure out how you'll be able to rent the crane, (google cranes in your area etc,) when all you needed was little picket fence? That's me. I often have a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees.
I presented myself with the task of making an iPad case as soon as the machine hit the market. It made sense. After all, I started out making laptop bags, and overall see my line as "working girl's" company. (Smart working girls with an incredible amount self-confidence and style, that is, but I digress.) I make an iPhone pouch, and multiple laptop bags, therefore iPad case was next. So I bought one of the "Papa-iPhones" the day it was released. No, I didn't reserve, and no, there wasn't even a line due to the fact that there were 1000 workers at the store that day all armed with their iPhones-cum-credit card processors. I was in and out in 10 minutes. And since that day, I've been devising the "Great iPad Contraption" ta da!! Only nothing quite worked out, very close, but not all the way happy with it. Everything just got complicated and cumbersome. So in the end guess what I came up with? The simplest of simple. A sleeve. Hey, who ever thought of that?
But here's the catch, it's made of the loveliest of Italian, aniline (earth-friendly) dyed leather, made here in the USA, it cradles your iPad snugly, protects it from debris in your bag, and looks incredibly smart in your arms and that may just be all you need. I'm still working on other versions, I just cannot let it go...I will master a good looking, flip case with just perfect amount of utility, chic and boho. That's what I'm thinking.

I had lunch with Brandon Day of Generic Man and he filmed a bit of our conversation (and posted it on the blog he writes for called Selectism) in which I present him with some of my other iPad ideas...
And I'm more than thrilled that, today, a little lot of them will be heading straight for the Apple design team in Cupertino as gifts from their friend Mr. Day (and me!)

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Jocelyn said...

I was JUST googling "masonry classes" when I saw your blog...