Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Once a year, I get invited to an event called the Bag Lunch, it is a silent auction fundraiser for the great organization PS ARTS, and it is always held at some ridiculously beautiful mansion. Last year, it was held at one of the founders of Juicy Couture's faux French Chateau, the year before it was held at the creators of a daytime drama empire, you get the picture - major domiciles. On Friday, it was held at the home of a 70s rock band icon, we'll call him December, and his wife, we'll call her May. It was domestic gorgeousity incarnate.
Here are a few scenes from this year's sac dejeuner. I hadn't the nerve to photograph the main house, lest I should look like a gawker, but I did snap the pool house, where I'd gladly call home any day. Colorful ladies lunching. Flowers and macarons. A Lucite heel on the leg of A-list stylist. Anyway, every year, I'm in a quandary about what to wear or, because she knows me so well, as HBT put it to me, "what are you going to cut?"
Well, it just so happens that as of Friday a.m., I had no idea what I'd wear. However, I thought maybe my new "Paris" shoes would be part of the outfit. Imagine my surprise when I found them in my closet with one belt on and one belt missing. I spent the better part of the morning obsessively combing the house for the belt. Last time I'd seen the shoes Oscar had them on, when I instructed him he was going to break his neck in them, he took them off where he was standing, in the dining room. Cleaning lady came on Thursday and the shoes ended up back in my closet without the strap!
In my panic, I start to think of fabricating my own "shoe belt." I've got leather, I say to myself. But there was just no way I'd be able to make two identical belts in the hour before the luncheon, just then I spy some hot pink grosgrain ribbon on my work table! You know how crazy I am for neon and hot colors right now...I start cutting. First two versions (above) not right, one bow, nah, not substantial enough for those shoes. Two strips of ribbons, still not working.
Four strips of grosgrain, tied separately in knots with remainder hanging down fringey was it! Pretty! How to make the best of bad situation.
This is me after the luncheon when Oscar got home from school and I was still wearing the shoes because at 4 knots on each side you don't take these off and on like a pair of Havaianas. The pink was so pretty I wanted to keep them on, even if heels at home is an oxymoron. Also the skirt is cute, I actually did get it in Paris, it is Claudie Pierlot. :) You see Oscar running around? That's him going to get my other strap. He knew just where it was in his room, under his toys he'd used it for keeping something together.
Boy was he lucky mama had pink grosgrain ribbon laying around!
Alas, the glamorous life came to a crashing halt and the beautiful shoes finally had to come off, because the toilet overflowed...and mama got her flipflops back.


tracy said...

brilliant idea!
I love what you wrote about the hosts. V funny

Sarah Bradley said...

I love the transformation of the shoes!

ftenshin said...

the shoes are gorgeous! your creativity has no boundaries ;)

Jennifer said...

I love this post. So great, creative and funny. I love that you used the ribbon (& didn't panic! Going to a party with 70's Rock stars, high profile stylists, and the shoes you planned to wear are temporarily compromised? Pffft! A little hot pink ribbon: No problem).

Megan Taylor said...

such pretty ribbon...it's so lush :)

ilanak said...

what a way to make lemonaid! so amazing you were just able to go with the flow with perfect results - pays to let go a little! :)

M.M said...

Who makes your Paris shoes? I love them with and without the ribbon!


Vivier said...

I wrote about them here, first!
Thanks, MM.