Friday, May 28, 2010

Maddoggin' My Poms

Tuesday night will go down in my history as the most successful crafting night, ever. Okay, I haven't had many other crafting nights in my life so that's not a hard feat, but still, if I had had a lot of crafting nights, I'm positive this would've been the best. HBT, Deb and I got together to eat home delivered Mozza (!) and make fabric pom poms to put on our blank straw totes!!
Here's a closer look at the bag and my new J. Crew pants, which were recommended to me from my hyper-stylish (remember it's French and say : "eee-pear" not "hi-per") ;) celebrity friend.
Here's a closer look. Aren't they fantastic? They are the cutest things since bunnies, I think. We used really nice grosgrain ribbons, very expensive silks and lovely linen to make them, so we weren't playing. I told HBT and Deb that these bags may need to be for sale on for summer, we just need a full-time pom-maker. Anyone?
We got kind of crazy with the pom making so we all had a few extra which didn't make it on to the bags. Here's one I wore as a bracelet (also, in this picture I'm in standing my shower, fully dressed & carrying my laptop envelope in black nubuck leather, which is shipping to Holt Renfrew today with a bunch of other goodies, but I digress...)
Here's another one which Jocelyn quickly hijacked and called necklace upon seeing it. I think it was adorable with her stripped mariner T.
She wore it out that night to an event with a very cute outfit and she told me the next day that girls were completely "mad doggin' her pom." She is from New York City. I said, I'm stealing that line. And I did.


Heather Taylor said...

um, love. pom the new black.

debkap said...

Maddoggin' all of it! I see a plethora of poms in my future...

Sarah Bradley said...

Love the poms! On a side note, do you know where that nautical shirt is from? It's perfect!

Mary said...

So LOVED your poms that I had to make some for myself!
I can't bring myself to cut fabric just to make them though -- so I need to get sewing and make some scraps.