Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paper Doll in Neon Shoes

We went to Oscar's school Gala last night and this is the outfit I bought the day before at my new favorite re-sale couture shop.
This is my first pair of Manolos. I always thought they were overpriced, super boring and not at all my style. Then I saw these in neon green and had a change of heart.
The lace on this dress is so pretty and even though it's Sui, I like to think of it as Chanel because it reminds me of something Karl would like.
But let's get a better look at the shoes. Neon. Green. They will be my summer going out staple, to be worn mismatched with everything. Like HBT said, when I asked her opinion of wearing the black lace dress and neon green stilettos together, "It's like you grabbed the closest shoes to the door on your way out of the house and they just happen to be fabulous, so what?" Maybe we call it a studied effortlessness. And, most importantly, I actually wore them all night without dying or wanting to put them directly in the trash when I got home. Score 1 for Blahnik in my book. Who knew?


miss sunrise said...

That's the first time I let you a comment but i can't resist in front of those shoes !!!! Love this neon green so much! But on my wish list your brown "tropezienne" bag is at the first place before any Manolo or Louboutin !!!
Have a good day,

jeana sohn said...

HOT!! i need to check out the store!

also, LOVE the camp vivier collection. especially the clutch!

Vivier said...

Yes, Jeana, you would love it.
Thank you miss Sunrise!
Get the Trop!!

Megan Taylor said...

Perfect timing for Sex and the City 2 to emerge into our worlds...xo

p.s. It's so nice getting blog comments from you :) Does it seem to be working all the time now? I re-set something, so maybe that did the trick. Anyway, love the dress! I mean, duh!

Heather Taylor said...

summer 2010 is all about those neon manolos (good call sis, about the SATC timing!)