Friday, February 5, 2010

Currently Vivier

While production is full steam ahead fulfilling website orders, things are quite busy around here for Jocelyn and me: CLAREVIVIER is collaborating on a bag with an amazing artist for her very high profile art show coming up in LA, which I won't mention until we're actually in production for it. If I talk about it, I'm scared I'll jinx it, and I REALLY want to do it; and I'm creating samples to bring to NY to meet with press and store buyers - hopefully - I don't know who will show up, but I know for sure a really great Japanese store is coming to see me (I hope I didn't just jinx that) so that makes the whole trip worth it! I'm sharing the New York showroom space with the amazingly talented, LA-based clothing designer Jasmin Shokrian, with whom I'm also collaborating on a clutch group based on the palette of her Draft No. 17 collection.
In other CViv news, another very sharp designer friend of mine, Tracy, told me about this before Google alerts! Go sleuth! When I checked my Twitter account, RDuJour had already sent me the link. I don't know who RDJ is, but they run a kick-ass fashion blog and I'm pleased as punch to be on it.
The blog below, I Saw You Look At Me, is by two gorgeous and hyper (pronounced the French way: eeepear) stylish Belgian teenagers and I'm soo honored to be on their site. It is beyond cool.

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Heather Taylor said...

so many exciting things! can't wait to see the collab with JS! And who could the amazing artist be? xo